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Become a Coach

Kingman Youth Soccer League is built on Volunteer Coaches just like YOU! All of our league and club coaches are volunteer unpaid positions. They have volunteered their time and money to develop our community youth to love soccer. Please treat them with respect on and off the field.

Volunteer Coaches and Assistant Coaches are needed for the following programs

KYSL utilizes GotSport to manage most aspect of our league. They help us manage teams, rosters, coaches and schedules. Coaches need to register through Gotsport yearly to be cleared to coach. If you have already been a coach before, do a search for your email to see if you are already in our system. Then you can just log in with your old account. If you do a search and you are not there, then create a new account. Many national leagues and tournaments are managed through this site.




Head and Assistant Coaches

  • Arizona Soccer (ASA) enforces background checks
  • Safe Sport Certification
  • Heads UP Concussion Training

The above requirements MUST be completed prior to the start of the season or anytime you a coach is added.

  1. Commit to the players on your team. Let them know you’re their Coach and you want them on your team. Learn their names as fast as possible. Being on a Team make kids feel wanted.
  2. Consistency keeps the team together. You can consult with parents about times and days for practices BUT set a schedule YOU can keep and KEEP IT. Practice at the same place and times every week if possible. Kids need a safe familiar place to learn, parents need consistency to plan their busy schedules.
  3. Be Prepared for practice and games. Plan your practices each week. Players know when you’re faking it. Keep it simple, keep it fun. There are lots of resources available to you. Use them. Here are your Coaching Plans for each Age Division:
  4. Educate yourself. Take the opportunity to educate yourselves about soccer in general but specifically about the game you will be playing each week. 3v3, 5v5, 7v7, 9v9, and 11v11 are all soccer games but with different formations and rules. Players and parents will be looking to you to explain and teach. Take the time to learn so you can help your players learn.
  5. Have a positive attitude. Be excited that your players are making mistakes because that means they’re trying new things. A Positive Coach makes for Positive Players makes for Positive Parents makes for a Positive Experience for all. Nothing kill the fun faster then a negative attitude. Your attitude will set the tone for the whole team and season.
  6. Soccer, like all sports is built on a foundation of fundamentals technical skills needed for players to progress. Without this foundation players stop progressing, fall behind other players their age, and stop playing because it’s not fun anymore or they’re not good enough. It’s no fun being left behind. Coaches, implementing the fundamentals of soccer in your practices and games is your goal.

For the FALL RECREATIONAL SOCCER SEASON Click on the links below to see each age division’s Coaching Plan and what to expect when you Volunteer this season.

Volunteer Training Slide Show.pdf

If you would like to help but are hesitant, for whatever reason, please contact me anytime with questions or suggestions. I, like you, am a Volunteer Coach, but please feel free to contact me anytime with questions or if you need suggestions. Stuart Sprunt: Director of Coaches

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