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Welcome to Kingman Soccer Club

Since 1985 Kingman SC has been enriching the lives of children and parents in our community of Kingman, AZ with the beautiful game of soccer. The goal is to grow soccer in the Kingman area and provide the most opportunity to play as possible to all age groups.

Recreational Sign-up will begin in July. Sponsors and Refs are needed early.

Reminder -Locations for Home/Away and Spectator Locations

Please refer below for which side you take on the field. This will save time and confusion. If you are located in a red space you may be asked to relocate by the refs, coaches or board. These assignments are for the protection of our Assistant Ref who run flags on the field. Spectators on the pine tree line behind the U14 and U12 fields are acceptable. Maintain at least 20 feet from the back goal line. Coaching and goalie distractions could result in required relocation.

It takes a community…

It takes a community to make a successful soccer program and Kingman Youth Soccer League would like to give thanks to our hundreds of players, thousands of supporting family members and coaches, and of course our local businesses that help to sponsor and fund our league. Without all of you we would not have this fantastic program for the youth of our community.

Our board and coaches are all volunteers and so we thank them for their time and energy to help make this all possible. If you are interested in getting involved in our league, whether by joining the Board of Directors, volunteering for the league, coaching a team, or becoming a donor or sponsor; please contact us!

Kingman Youth Soccer League is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization under IRS Statute so your sponsorship and donations may be tax deductible.*

* Consult your tax professional for guidance.

A Huge Thanks to Our Sponsors: